Real Estate Branding

Real estate is not just a transaction. It’s about something more profound: life, family, business, and prosperity. It’s often the single largest investment consumers will make in their lifetime, and it’s also likely your livelihood. As a member of OneKey® MLS, you are part of the largest Multiple Listing Service in New York and the… Read more »

Down Payment Assistance Programs

Interest Rates continue to rise, and higher interest rates usually translate into higher mortgage loan costs. Rising rates make homes more expensive for buyers, who may not know of the wealth of assistance opportunities and programs available. No matter their circumstance, buyers appreciate knowing about Homebuyer Assistance Programs and will look to you to explain… Read more »

Building a Real Estate Website

Does your internet presence need a boost? It’s time for a (new) website. Whether you’re an agent or broker, having a professional online presence is necessary to your success. Your website supports a positive first impression, establishes your professionalism, and showcases your expertise. Your real estate website doesn’t need to be flashy or innovative, but… Read more »