Real Estate Branding

Real estate is not just a transaction. It’s about something more profound: life, family, business, and prosperity. It’s often the single largest investment consumers will make in their lifetime, and it’s also likely your livelihood.

As a member of OneKey® MLS, you are part of the largest Multiple Listing Service in New York and the 9th largest MLS in the country. We stand more than 45,000 strong and our shared affiliation is a platform upon which you can build your business.

Increasing Social Media Presence

Are you actively branding yourself on social media? Us too! Our hashtags #onekeymls and #theonesource are active and used daily across social media platforms.

The purpose of a hashtag is to increase your audience base around topics that relate to your business. By using our tags, your posts have a greater likelihood of being seen by people who have liked or interacted with our posts – mostly people in our region who are interested in buying and selling homes! So if you’re posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest, use our #onekeymls and #theonesource hashtags to appear in front of a broader, more relevant audience.

Associating with a Trusted Source

Your MLS is cited by the media often, providing information about the real estate market, in newspapers, blogs, and local TV news. We have worked to build recognition and public trust in a brand that stands for accuracy, expertise, and innovation.

When you display your affiliation with OneKey® MLS, you’re showing you hold those same values – accuracy, expertise, and innovation.

We have made our branding elements available to you on our corporate site. Download them and affix them to your flyers, your email signature, your banners, and all of your marketing materials.

How can you download these logos?

Visit the OneKey MLS Corporate Site, and select OneKey MLS Logos under Resources or click here. Choose your preferred file format and sizing for your needs.

Your MLS, The ONE Source

You list with the ONE source, the most accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive source of real estate listings and information in our region.

Leverage your affiliation with your Multiple Listing Service to build trust and to brand yourself the real estate expert. Wear your OneKey MLS membership like a badge of honor, knowing that we are supporting your efforts to build a better business.

Opportunity Knocks

You’ve worked hard to establish yourself as a Realtor® in our region, just as we’ve worked hard to establish OneKey® MLS as the ONE Source Real Estate Marketplace. Put our branding efforts to work for you.