If a vendor or Participant wishes to access OneKey® MLS data, the Vendor Data Access Agreement must be completed and submitted.

The methods of data transport are Web API and RETS.

Web API is the best way to access the data directly in an automated fashion. RETS also accomplishes this, however it is done using older technology, therefore OneKey® MLS recommends Web API over RETS.

All Agreements must be accompanied by a completed Participant Data Access Agreement to be considered.  Once received, OneKey® MLS will review and notify the vendor if approved or not.  The use of the data must be very specific in Exhibit B.  Broad or incomplete descriptions will delay the approval process.

Please fill out the Agreement and email to idx@onekeymls.com

Some acceptable uses of the data would be to provide the Participants with IDX, VOW, statistical tools, back office programs, appointment scheduling and tracking.

For any questions, contact Scott Clark, IDX Coordinator, at IDX@OneKeyMLS.com or at 914-831-1817.

Fees Applicable to Third Party Vendors

$250, billed monthly plus $20 per customer per month, billed quarterly.

A complete list of your customers will be required 45 days prior to the billable quarter.