Building a Real Estate Website

Does your internet presence need a boost? It’s time for a (new) website.

Whether you’re an agent or broker, having a professional online presence is necessary to your success. Your website supports a positive first impression, establishes your professionalism, and showcases your expertise.

Your real estate website doesn’t need to be flashy or innovative, but it should be modern, mobile-responsive, and offer prospective clients a window into how you do business.

How can you tell when your real estate website promotes business success?

  1. It’s dynamic. Your real estate website should be mobile-responsive and be easy enough for even a non-tech savvy page owner to update.
  2. It has MLS/IDX integration. A real estate website should allow visitors to search for properties using IDX, displaying not only your listings, open houses, and sold properties, but the properties of other agents and brokers as well, keeping visitors on the site and you as the point of contact, while abiding all MLS/IDX rules.
  3. It’s personalized. Your visitors feel welcomed when they see your images, videos, links to social media, and up-to-date contact information, all framed in a way that reflects your personality, highlights your specialties, establishes credibility, and build rapport.
  4. It’s consistently updated. Content is king, and in order for a website to stay relevant, it must have a steady stream of new content – blogs, listings, articles, and hyperlocal information.
  5. It’s informative. A great real estate website provides tons of answers and insights and frames you as the market expert.
  6. It’s part of a larger online persona. Your website is an extension of your business. It must appear to be part of your larger Realtor® brand, consistent with your social media presence and signature style.

Without a website, you’re missing a crucial opportunity to connect with prospective buyers and sellers. It’s more than a billboard and better than a postcard – it’s a window into how you do business.

But I have a website! When was the last time you freshened up the pages, enlivened the content, added a new headshot, and reoriented the layout? If you have a website that hasn’t been updated in a while, it may even be doing your business a disservice. Not only is it not helping you attract new clients, but it may be deterring potential clients by communicating that you’re old-fashioned or behind the times.

Your MLS is here to help!

OneKey MLS offers website templates for Members in a variety of styles, which are entirely customizable and provide all you’d expect from a professional real estate website.

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