Why You Can’t Ignore Digital Transactions

If you haven’t included transaction management as one of the core services you offer your clients, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to boost your business.

OneKey™ MLS provides you Instanet, a digital transaction management solution. Instanet is a FREE MLS Member Benefit it includes everything you need. Hundreds of REALTOR® members are already using Instanet and they love it!

Research shows that you can reduce your signature time by as much as 95%. A study by Forrester Research showed one bank cut documentation errors by 75%. The best part, once a customer participated in an e-signing, 90% said they would do it again.

Here are the three major benefits of using a digital transaction management solution:

  1. YOUR FORMS ARE DIGITAL. Digital forms mean faster everything. Digital forms make it faster to create a transaction, faster to fill in the data because the forms are ‘smart,’ faster to monitor the status of the transaction, faster to manage the transaction process, faster to collaborate with others, faster to close your transactions, and finally, faster to go back and find the transaction later.
  2. IT’S CONVENIENT AND SECURE COLLABORATION WITH OTHERS. Buyers and sellers and participating agents all are part of the digital process. Because everything is stored safely in the cloud, transactions can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and from any device with internet access.
  3. E-SIGNING. With Instanet, you get expedited signing through the most secure way to get a proper signature: e-signing. You don’t need to find time to schedule everyone to meet up, so it’s convenient. Clients won’t miss signing a specific page because Instanet makes sure your clients sign where they are supposed to before the form is submitted. Digital logs track all the signers. And distribution to all parties, including admin, lenders and title company is easy.