The steps for adding an email signature logo will be different depending on your email service. We’ve provided links to email providers with instructions on how to add an email signature.


This helpful tutorial tells you how to manually create or change a gmail signature on your computer, android device, iPhone, or iPad.

iPhone & iPad

There are a few different articles available on setting up your email signature on iPhone and iPad, including this one, which was tested with iPhone Mail 6, iOS Mail 9, and iOS Mail 10.

Mail for Mac

This tutorial walks you through how to set up and preview your email signature for Mail.


Here’s a detailed overview on how to create and personalize your email signature in Microsoft Outlook.

Samsung Email App

If you’re sending emails from your Samsung Galaxy Phone, follow these simple directions to set up your email signature.

Yahoo! Mail

Here’s where you can find instructions to edit or update your Yahoo! email signature.