Remine Pro

Real Estate Intelligence Exclusively Through MLS

Dramatically enrich the information you see from the MLS front end with Remine, a software platform that combines property records, data visualization, tracking, and predictive analytics.
By collecting and analyzing billions of data points, Remine has developed a method to predict which properties are most likely to go up for sale soon. Visualize these opportunities with detailed, searchable area maps, then track properties you’re interested in for potential outreach.

Remine is a powerful, multi-purpose platform fully integrated with MLS data. In addition to the base platform, Remine offers a mobile app, client portal, and CMA generator.

How to Access Remine

Stratus Users: Access Remine in the Resources Tab in Stratus.

Matrix Users: Access Remine on the Clareity Dashboard on the Matrix Login Portal.

Remine Support

What is Remine?