OneKey® MLS is pleased to announce that beginning in 2023 we will begin using MLS Grid to license and provide access to MLS data feeds for our Participants, Subscribers and designated technology vendors.  MLS Grid will help us simplify data licensing and distribution by offering the following:

  • One set of rules and display guidelines
  • One standard license agreement
  • MLS Grid is RESO compliant from the Web API to the Data Dictionary

If you want to learn more please email us at or call 1-888-ONEKEY-2 for more information.

The MLS Grid was created by a network of MLSs and is designed to help brokers, MLSs and product vendors work efficiently together to affect cost savings by implementing RESO standards! Its purpose is not to disrupt, but rather to enable MLSs to work together towards the common goal of improving MLS services through collaboration!

Why the MLS Grid? The MLS Grid was created by a network of MLSs and is designed to help brokers, MLSs, and product vendors work together efficiently to affect cost savings by implementing RESO standards.  The goal of the MLS Grid is a single standardized data point of access and management for MLSs and brokers. Its purpose is to improve the MLS industry for the benefit of brokers. The MLS Grid will eliminate redundancies currently in the marketplace.

Benefits for Brokers: Brokers participating in multiple MLSs will only have to  adhere to one set of rules, one set of display guidelines, and one compliance process. The combination of a streamlined compliance process and a modern Web API should reduce overall technology costs for brokerages.

Benefits to Vendors: Vendors working in multiple markets can reduce expenses due to a standard Web API, one standard license agreement, one combined data feed, and simplified compliance enforcement.