Are you aware of Real Safe Agent?

Are you aware of Real Safe Agent – a FREE member Benefit to keep YOU and YOUR INFORMATION safe? Make sure you download the Real Safe Agent App and join over 2,000 of your fellow REALTORS® already using the app.

Here’ are just a few safety features available through the Real Safe Agent app:

  • Prospect Link & The Agent Comfort Index prevents victim shopping and provides agents with the information they need to prevent being alone with a potentially dangerous prospect.
  • Accompany Me makes it easy for agents to find someone to accompany them on appointments.
  • Drop-in Alerts allow agents to have another agent casually “drop-in” on a showing when they first become uncomfortable. Preventing a crime if the prospect was a threat without jeopardizing a sale if the prospect wasn’t.
  • 911 Alerts allow agents to dial 911 simply by shaking the phone – the natural motion if they are running from or fending of an attacker.
  • Full Reporting, customizable Terms & Conditions, agent reward system, and many other features allow you to make measurable improvements to your safety

Other features of Real Safe Agent give you access to WIRE FRAUD PROTECTION with a $1,000,000 GUARANTEE as well.

REAL SAFE AGENT, REAL SAFE CHAT and REAL SAFE WIRE are part of a suite of services that protect you, your community, and your clients! Click here to learn more about these safety tools.Download REAL SAFE AGENT today, a FREE Member Benefit. Simply go to the Apple or Google play store, download Real Safe Agent, and follow the steps to activate!